Try and by horses from Colombia

Where is Bogotá – Colombia?

  • Colombia has developed during the last 20 years a very important market for showjumping horses. Breeds from Belgium, Argentina, Germany, France, Holland and many more.

  • Strategic location for trainers and riders to visit, try out horses, buy and ship overseas with great rates.

  • Horses raised and/ or trained over 8.000 feet above sea level, with great endurance.

  • Great local riders and also great results for COLOMBIANS overseas.

  • Great prices because of the currency exchange rate.

Call or write any time:


  • Assistance buying plane tickets

  • Premium or basic hotel rate.

  • Rent car with private driver.

  • Appointments to the stables.

  • Mini tour through Bogotá (remarkable sites)

  • English and Spanish no extra fee. Other languages small fee.

  • Assistance with the vet check.

  • Assistance with the paper work and shipping of the horse.

  • See pricing right now- click here!

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